Woman sentenced by court for insults and curses

[GHANACRIMES.COM] —- 38-year-old Comfort Blankson, has been sentenced by the Enchi District Magistrate court for insulting a Police Officer. She is to sign a bond to be of good behavior for 12 months.

She pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge of offensive conduct to the breach of peace.

In default, the convict, Comfort Blankson, will serve nine months imprisonment.

She has been advised by the court to desist from such a behaviour.

The complainant Michael Kofi Owusu, is a Police Chief Inspector stationed at the Enchi Police post.

Accordingl to the complainant, at about 0630 hours, complainant was in his bungalow when he heard the convict raining insults on him to wit “useless chief inspector who cannot take care of his children, his daughter should cross the river Densu and see”.