Two children found dead in Pastor’s car.

[] —- Two children have been found dead in a pastor’s car boot. They are reported to have died from suffocation.

The car is said to have belonged to Prophet Evans K Oppong, leader and founder of Light Salvation Ministry at Fawoade.

According to report, the victims together with their guardians went to the church on April 4, 2021 for a ‘spiritual encounter’ service. The children were seen playing on the church premise after Sunday school service with the pastor’s vehicle also parked on same premise with its boot opened.

While still playing, the children climbed into the vehicle’s boot and unfortunately the boot closed and locked. The children, unable to escape, suffocated to death.

The children were found dead after a search around the premise was conducted when they were reported missing.

Both children were pronounced dead on arrival after they were rushed to Mt. Zion hospital at Asonomaso Nkwanta.