Son of Asuma Banda arrested for breaking into his father’s house

[] —- 33-year-old Fadel Asuma Banda has been arrested for breaking into his father’s mansion at Airport Residential Area.

Fadel Asuma Banda is one of the sons of the rich CEO of Antrak Group of Companies. He was arrested, together with two others, Aliu Bello, 28; and Suleman Mohammed, 36, by the Airport Police in Accra.

They arrested three with about seventeen others stormed the bouse of Asuma Banda around 11:35 AM on 17th March 2021. It is said that Fadel who came from the UK has been for a while trying to reach his father. His father’s second wife, however, has been a stumbling block.

His father however maintains that he does not want to see Fadel because he is disrespectful. According to Fadel, he has reliable information that his father is ill and his stepmother does not want anyone to know or come near him.