Self styled musician arrested for stealing at West Hills Mall

[] — David Ike, a self styled musician is to pay an amount of Ghc2,400 or in default serve a three month jail term for shoplifting.

The items stolen worth Ghc168.00 includes two pieces Cling Cracker biscuit, one cake of Medi Soft soap, two pieces of Lindor chocolate, two sets of floral tissue, underwear, two plastic bottles of water, one packet of Burger peanuts and one bag.

He was found guilty after pleading not guilty after the full trial. He admitted picking the said items but denied walking away with them. He told the court he tried to see the manager to pay for the items but the manager didn’t want to take the payment for those items.

The presiding judge, Ms Ruby Naa Ayitey, said that the evidence was overwhelming so she had no choice than to sentence the self styled musician to either a Ghc2,400 fine or three months jail term. Ike was also found with a substance suspected to be Indian hemp and the said substance has been forwarded to the Police Forensic Laboratory for further investigation and a further trial.