Residents in Asamankese besiege Police Station after military shoot dead a taxi driver

[] —- Residents of Asamankese in the Eastern Region on April 5, 2021 erected roadblocks, stormed police station over the shooting death of a taxi driver by some Military officers.

The 33 year old Yaw George, who also was a lumber dealer was on the day of the incident escorting a truck transporting his lumber to Accra in his taxi.

It was reported that the military was chasing the truck and the taxi driver and on approaching the police barrier on Asamankese to Accra road, the military opened fire. The taxi driver died instantly after the bullet hit him in the head. The police upon noticing the incident, chased the military officers who were still pursuing the lumber truck.

The incident caused chaos with enraged residents protesting and demanding for the arrest of the military officers involved in this unfortunate incident.