Man Kicked Daughter, 9 From Home

Men get gullible too. 

A young woman, now with one child says her father kicked her from home at the age of 9. His reason was, a pastor told him the daughter sucks his blood at night. 

She told Alfred Ocansey on 3FM’s Sunrise Monday August 10, that the pastor accused her of sucking the blood of her father in the spiritual realm after her step mother took her to a pastor for prayers.

“I was accused of being a witch at age nine 9.

“My step mother had this pastor that we used to go to for prayers. I was a kid and did not understand what was going on but I realized over there some were being beaten because they were accused of being witches.

“One day, I was there and my step mum sent me there. Over there I was told that my great grandmother who died gave the witchcraft to someone to be given to my mother, that I would be born and that if I was born they should give the witchcraft to me.

“They accused me that I was using people’s heads as barrels, I was chewing human flesh, that I was sucking my dad’s blood who really loved me.

“When that issue came up my daddy just disconnected with me for many years. A whole lot was said about me that I have been killing people.

“They accused all my sisters of being witches and that mine was even dangerous because I was in line to becoming a queen among the witches.”