Lover kills baby mama and chops off her private parts

[] —- Abigail Larbi, who is believed to be in her early twenties has been killed by her cohabiting boyfriend, known currently by his first name, Isaac.

Isaac after killing her deposited the mutilated body on a dumping site.

This sad incident occurred at a farming community called Onakwase in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region.

After a misunderstanding which happened a month ago, Abigail Larbi stormed out of the house and went back to her mother’s house. Isaac went to see her at her mother’s house and was never seen again

Her mother filled that at the police station that her daughter, Abigail Lartey, was missing. This led to Police to arrest the boyfriend and thereby further investigations leading to discovering Abigail Lartey’s remains at a dumping site.

A resident told Accra based Starr FM that,” the tongue, vagina, and breast and even the head were believed to have been removed by the suspect.”